About Chef Giletto & Staff

Cater 2U Executive Chef Micheal GilettoExecutive Chef Micheal Giletto has been in the restaurant and catering business since 1966. The Giletto Family owned and operated the Giletto Rancocas Inn for over 28 years. Micheal purchased this property from his family in 1992 which is known today as CATER 2U. Micheal is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and has ties with the American Culinary Federation and has achieved the status of Certified Executive Chef. He has worked in several major markets which include New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC, and the Jersey Shore.

He was also invited on a fact finding tour of Europe which included Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. He was one of only fifteen chefs from the United States to observe the apprenticeship of the European School System.

Micheal has taught thousands of students culinary arts to improve and start their professions, by way of job training. Whether it’s a Formal Wedding, Company Barbecue or an Anniversary, Micheal Giletto’s style and flair shines at every occasion from the delicious food to the professional service that his staffs provides. “I am very proud to be in this fine profession because everyday there is something new to learn and teach. I have always had a passion for the Culinary Arts.”

Our company has fed, placed pounds on, every governor in the great state of New Jersey since 1978.  Our food was enjoyed by movie stars, congressmen, senators–state, as well as, federal.  We were specially chosen to provide meals for President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.  Our most esteemed accomplishment is we have fed your family and friends.