Cater 2U specializes in OFF Premise Catering (at your home, business, or venue of your choice). With over 25 years experience in servicing our clients at their home, business, or venue; we have become experts in our field and pride ourselves on our logistics planning. Cater 2U offers full service off premise catering options, and we handle the planning, setup, event servicing, and cleanup of your event. Our clients rave about the quality and freshness of our food, our ability to handle any size event or event layout, our professionalism of service, and the ease of planning an event with Cater 2U. 

Our focus is on yourself and your guests. Cater 2U makes sure we have the following items covered:

  1. Rentals to accommodate your guests, food tables, event flow, and adequate tables for your displays
  2. The MENU: customizing a menu for your event flow, event purpose, and your own tastes
  3. Setup: setting up the event at your home, business, or venue in a reasonable time frame and in the least invasive manner
  4. Drinks: providing adequate beverage setups and bar services
  5. Relaxation: insuring our host that they can enjoy their own event