Film Catering


Looking for a caterer for your upcoming production?

Look no further!  Cater 2U will create & design any meal or menu you desire.  Our 23 years of film industry experience and 48 years in the culinary field have given us the experience needed to cater to your industry needs.  Our most recent production catering experience includes:

2016:  Sirius Satellite Radio and Ikea Commercial

2015:  Bacardi House Party – Meal and Craft Service; Bar Design; VIP Service

2014:  So You Think You Can Dance – Meal and Craft Services for staff, crew, and judges

2013:  Christmas Dreams – Meal and Craft Services for staff, crew, and judges

2013:  Ghost Hunters – Meal and Craft Services for staff, crew, and judges

2013:  Silver Lining Playbook – Food Stylist

Cater 2U is a full service one stop professional catering company.  Our team will make everything easy for your company and provide you with fresh, restaurant quality meals.

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Michael Giletto



Shoot Day 1 of 30: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and Snacks

Ready to Serve by 6:00 AM

Mini Quiche

Fresh Fruit Bowl w/Mint

Whole Fruit & Bananas

Assorted Greek Yogurts

Bagel Bar – smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, tomatoes, avocados, red onions, jams & butter

8:00 AM

Mini Bagels with bacon, green onions and cheese

Fresh Grapes and Brie Skewers

Assorted Donuts 

10:00 AM

Jive Turkey breakfast burritos

Sausage and Egg Burritos

Black bean, cilantro & Egg burritos (egg whites available), fresh salsa on the side

Assorted Muffins

Fruit Tray


Rosemary Beef Kabobs

Coconut Chicken Strips with dipping sauce

Tossed Caesar Salad grilled chicken on the side

5:00 pm

Michigan Keogels’ hotdogs with Detroit Brick Chili

Crudités & Dip

Spring Rolls with dip

7:00 PM

Roadhouse Chow Chili – (on the side) cheese onions & oyster crackers

Spinach Artichoke dip with Pita Chips and fresh breads

Cheese tray with crackers