Film & TV Production Catering

Film and TV Production Catering PhiladelphiaHave a local film or television production shoot in the Greater Philadelphia area?

Early, Late, Here or There. No problem. Picky Eaters, Comfort Foods, Breakfast, Craft Service? Of Course! Tight Spots, 12th Floor, Wide-Open Spaces. We’re there. Customized Menus, Waitstaff available. Our name is what we do… We Cater 2U.


*Bacardi House Party – October 2015 – Campaign Traveling Throughout the East Coast – 7 Day Service Around the Clock for Union Employees – In Charge of Catering and Craft Service; Responsible for Night Filming, VIP Section, and Bar Service for 1,000 Guests
*So You Think You Can Dance – Auditions in Philadelphia – January 2014 – Cast and Crew Service – 5 Day Service Around the Clock for Union Employees
*Dream Catcher Films – 2014 – Meal and Craft Services for 2 Weeks
*Ghost Hunters – 2014 and 2015 – Filming throughout remote locations in PA
*Republican National Convention 2000 – Feed the Crew of Fox News for 7 Days Straight
*Philips Lighting Company – March Commercial in Philadelphia
*Silver Lining Playbook – Good Design Stylist
*Serial Films – 2010 – Film Shoot – 10 Day
*Phoenix Productions – Dancing with the Stars – 2008
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